Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Breakdown Motel by Ty Marton & Rynna Cress

Oh my goodness, what a scorching, submissive, succulent read Breakdown Motel was! It is a very good thing I chose to read this one alone, curled up in bed, because I am sure that my gasps and whimpers would have given me away to anybody around me.

The story starts out with a high-speed blowjob on a barren desert highway, setting the tone of sexual excitement and danger that defines the entire story. When his car explodes at the same moment his cock does, Danny and his beautiful hitchhiking companion are left to wait in the desert heat and hope for rescue. Fortunately, a tow truck does happen upon the couple, and the driver is kind enough to set them up with the very last room - at a discount! - in the cheap motel his brother owns.

All sorts of warning bells there, but even after Trixie returns to their room with an already opened bottle of soda, Danny is far too naive to catch on. That is where the fun begins. In one of the most sexually charged scenes of submission I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying, a drugged Danny is rendered physically immobile, but remains completely aware of the sights, sounds, and sensations around him. Helpless to resist, he watches as the beautiful Trixie reveals herself to be the beautiful transsexual Trixie, forces him to return the favour of the blowjob, and then claims his anal cherry.

Before long, Danny is branded, collared, and forced into service as 1 of 10 sexual slaves at the aptly named Motel X. While I am not usually a fan of torture and pain, it is handled very well here, and it all has its purpose. More importantly, it is coupled with the intense mental and emotional breaking of a reluctant straight boy, into an eager gay sex slave. The ways in which he slowly comes around to his captivity, and begins to find not just pleasure but satisfaction in his role, touched so many of my own submissive heartstrings that I found it very easy to put myself in his place.

Much to my surprise, there's even some romance to the tale, with Danny and another slave becoming quite passionate, but also with Danny discovering feelings for his captor. The ending is a bit too much (a bit unnecessary even), and lacks the climactic reunion with Trixie that I craved (a princess can dream!), but it works well from a BDSM perspective.

Definitely a very hot tale, Breakdown Motel should hold as much appeal for my fellow submissive as for those who love to use and abuse us.


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