Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Cuckold Collection by Epic Sex Stories

The Cuckold Collection
by Epic Sex Stories

This was a fun collection. The Boss, the Bride, and the Cuckold was glorious in its hot-wife sluttiness and orgiastic delights, but didn't push hubby in the direction I crave. Instead of being forced to fluff and clean, he merely watches and then slips into some sloppy seconds. The World’s Biggest Cuckold, on the other hand, was exactly what  I was hungry for. I loved the progression of their relationship, the secrets that hubby discovers, and the various friends and family he's cuckolded by. Most of all, though, I loved the scenes where he describes his first time cleaning black cock, his first time being gagged by a gallon of sperm, and his first experience being penetrated at both ends.

The Cum Slut and the Cuckold wasn't quite as much fun for me, being told from the wife's perspective, but I do so love a hubby who arranges a gangbang just so he can slurp cum from his wife's holes! The Sex Master more than made up for that, though, with a submissive sissy who doesn't just get cuckolded by his wife, but dominated by her entire family. The scene where hubby sucks off his father-in-law while his mother-in-law watches . . . well, it nearly sent me over the top! Finally, we have The Nympho and the Cuckold, another hot story to be experience from the wife's perspective, but with not nearly enough humiliation or submission from hubby for my tastes.


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