Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Wife's Shemale Slave by Crystal Veeyant

Those of you who read my review of Shemale Vice already know that I've had the very great pleasure of knowing Crystal Veeyant for a while now, and that I love her as much as a friend as I do an author. If you missed that review, you can check it out here.

A Wife's Shemale Slave is a very a very different tale from  Shemale Vice, much darker, and much more emotionally involving. If I had to describe it in one sentence, I'd say it was a story of discovery and betrayal, one where relationships are never to be taken at face value, and where gender and identity are as fluid as they are uncertain.

The story starts with one of those relationship crises that are such staples of transgender fiction. Randy/Beth is a transvestite who has been fortunate enough to enjoy the support of his wife, Pam, until he comes out as a transsexual and puts an end to that support . . . and their relationship. Cast out, alone, and desperate, Beth embraces another of those staples of transgender fiction and resorts to prostitution to support his new life and identity.

That's where Crystal smartly turns the tables, abandons the staples, and claims the story for her own. Beth pursues prostitution as a means to an end, using it to finance her efforts to finish college and establish a legitimate career. She doesn't succumb to the darker side of the lifestyle, doesn't collapse into a life of drugs and booze, and doesn't get ensnared into any sort of sex slavery ring. Instead, she takes control of her life, falls in love with another transsexual, and finds a measure of redemption in her recovery. Up to that point, it's actually a rather sweet (and erotic) tale with a definite promise of romance . . . until Beth gets fired, and prostitution is all that's left.

I won't spoil the rest of the story, but I will say that Crystal deftly takes us to some very dark places, bombarding us (and Beth) with betrayals both physical and emotional. There was a point at which I actually gasped aloud, unable to believe the twist she'd thrown into the tale, but unable to resist reading further. She really pushes the boundaries of consent, exploring our deepest, most hidden notions of sexuality in a way that definitely flirts with fantasy, but which is very realistically portrayed. By the time the final betrayals are revealed, and the story comes full circle, you're likely to find yourself as emotionally and physically spent as Beth.


Monday, 27 February 2012

A mixture of new cuckold and sissy demotivators

For some reason, especially when I'm feeling naughty, I just love playing with the theme of the demotivational posters. This weekend I was in a rather peculiar mood, thinking of how dares can backfire, and how you should always be careful what you wish for.

That last is one of all-time favourites, but I hope you loved them all!


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Sissy Learning Curve

So, you want to be a cock-sucking, cum-loving sissy? Beware, there's a steep learning curve ahead . . .

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Slave's Life by Pete Brown

Although it had moments that left me feeling weak in the knees, A Slave's Life definitely falls under the category of macho erotica for the masculine man. 

Not something that really appeals to me, but a great read for the right audience.

It's a story that's bold and brutal, harsh and cruel, and full of muscular hunks abusing one another. There's no softness to be found here, no beautiful boys or emasculated slaves - just rugged, strapping young men rudely yanked out from under their hardhats and rugby jerseys to become the captive slave of a rich collector. 

As much as it didn't appeal to me sexually, I fully appreciate the work Pete's put into it. The breaking of these men is carefully done, and the controls put on them almost genius in their cruel efficiency. He's created a world without hope of escape, one where being broken into homosexuality is an inevitability. Here men learn that it's just sex - wordless, brutal, animalistic, sex - and that carnal desires can and should be satisfied naturally. 

There's not a lot of emotion here, and no real character development, but the sex and the slavery is great. Personally, I would have rather seen a masculine straight man broken down, forced into homosexuality, and passed around as an effeminate sissy, but that's just me. 


Shemale Vice by Crystal Veeyant

I've had the very great pleasure of knowing Crystal Veeyant for a while now, and I can tell you she is as amazing a person as she is an author. When she asked me to give Shemale Vice a read, I was only too quick to agree.

Oh my goodness, what an incredibly sexy, entirely satisfying read!

Crystal is a natural born storyteller, one who clearly understands that the best erotica is made up of equal parts fantasy and reality, carefully layered against one another so that the reader is never jarred from the fantasy, but instead eased both in to and out of it. Her characters are wonderfully human - flawed, vulnerable, and sympathetic - and there's a clear delineation between lust and love that's all too often overlooked in similar stories.

The sex scenes here (and there are a lot of them!) are almost perfect in their execution, one-handed reads so gorgeously described that you'll find it hard to finish the story in one sitting. The important details are slightly exaggerated, playing to the fantasy angle, but not so much so that the reader is forced to question things like size and stamina. Ultimately, though, it's in the climactic moments where she really shines, offering up messy mutual orgasms that satisfy all. I particularly liked the double-facial with with Oscar and Lita gift young Amber, and the scene where five guys climax over the writhing bodies of Amber, Lita, and the showgirl lesbian they're busy filling with their own ooey gooey goodness!

Alongside the sex, however, is a story that's as full of drama and romance as any reader hope to experience, with an ending that might be just a bit too tidy, but which left me with the biggest smile of all. Crystal really brings the various elements of the story together, resolving them in such a way that you're left pleasantly surprised, and entirely satisfied.


Friday, 10 February 2012

A Cuckold's Education Begins . . .

A look back at some of my first captioning attempts today, all of them dealing with two of my favourite things: cuckolding and forced bisexuality!


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Frosting & Hidden Calories

It's always dangerous to be horny AND hungry . . . it sends my imagination in strange directions. Hope you enjoy my little creations as much as I enjoyed satiating my hunger. ;)


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cum - It's Not Just for Eating Anymore!

One of the first lessons a genderqueer submissive needs to learn is that her Master's cum is a treat, a treasure, a thing to be cherished. You can be gifted with it, blessed with it, nourished by it, or simply used to dispose of it. Best of all, though, is being forced to wear it . . . to show your submissive nature to the world.

Once again, I have been thinking and surfing, and came across Jizzed Clothes. OMG, I am not sure whether I am more happy or jealous, but check out some of these shots:

My absolute fave, though, has to be the girl using her boyfriend's used condom to actually ADD to her liquid decoration:

You know, maybe wearing his cum isn't the best thing in the world - having people notice it, and then proudly scooping (or scraping) a bit into your mouth may be even better!.


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Cuckolding - Where does the fulfillment of the fantasy lie?

Sometimes I tend to think a bit too much, and it really sucks - and I do not mean in a good, mouth-watering, sloppy-reward kind of way.

Today is one of those days.

Lately I have been on a m/m BDSM kick, finding myself drawn to stories of hot, hunky, masculine men being brought to heel (and kneel) by other men. A lot of these stories have a reluctant component, or at least the suggestion of a non-consensual relationship, and I find that excites me immensely . . . despite the fact that I cannot imagine myself in either role. Hunky and masculine are two adjectives that will never been applied to yours truly!

After getting over my frustration with all the Unknown Titles and Unknown Authors on my Goodreads shelf this morning, though, I found myself falling back into stories of cuckolding. Again, the best of these walk a fine line between reluctant and non-consensual, with poor lucky effeminate hubbies being forced to serve not only their wives, but the far more masculine bulls who have so successfully cuckolded them. It is, of course, with these lucky subbies/hubbies with whom I find it so much easier to identify.

So, back to thinking, and back to my point. :)

Is it greedy to want to be cuckolded, or is it generous? Does the fulfillment of the fantasy lie with subby hubby being brought to heel by a better man, being forced to fluff and worship another man's cock, to clean a stranger's cum from his wife's pussy, to be force fed from a 'real' man's used condom, and (ultimately) and being freed of the guilt and shame of bi-curiosity by the demands/commands of his wife?

Or, does the fulfillment of the fantasy lie with subby hubby finding his purpose submission, taking pleasure in prancing around the house in impossibly high heels while he cooks and cleans for his wife, vicariously enjoying her carnal delights being satisfied by 'real' men with big cocks, and basically revelling in the knowledge that his cuckolding has made his wife a happier, hornier, more satisfied woman?

Or is that altogether the wrong way to look at it? Does the fulfillment of the fantasy, perhaps, lie not at all with subby hubby but with the cuckoldress herself, watching her once masculine hubby mince his way around the house, understanding that she can bend him over and spread him her strap-on at any time, and knowing that she'll never have to wake up sticky and damp, not with a hubby to lie between her legs and lick her clean of the sperm of other men?


Or is that still the wrong way to look at it? Does the fulfillment of the fantasy have nothing to do with the subby hubby, other than as an academic value in the cuckolding equation? Is it really the wife's fulfillment that defines the fantasy, the allure of having a man's cock pay proper homage to her pussy, of being manhandled and abused by a 'real' man in ways her loving (but sexually inferior) hubby never can?

I don't know the answer, but I've certainly had a lot of fun thinking about it. 

All due credit to Hotwife Cuckold Captions and Submit to Black for helping me to illustrate those thoughts.