Monday, 14 May 2012

The King's Prize by Wayne Mansfield

Oh my goodness . . . bend me over and put a smile on my face because The King's Prize is a story that pushed all the right buttons for me! I strongly suspect I'll be seeking out the glorious Mr. Mansfield to see what else he has to offer very soon . . .

Here we have an alien fantasy world, one where homosexuality is not only accepted, it's embraced as the King's sexual expression of choice. When ape-like soldiers arrive at Pan's farm to claim him for the King's harem, there are the usual tears and sorrow over losing a son, but everybody is excited for Pan and the prestige his appointment will bring the family.

I loved the way in which the soldiers took advantage of Pan on their journey, taking their pleasure while preparing him for the King. No longer a virgin, gently loosened up, and accustomed to the taste of men, Pan comes before the King ready to win himself a place of honour. His scenes with the King were far more romantic than I expected, and incredibly sexy. Mansfield pays careful attention to the erotic details, giving us the sights, the smells, and the tastes of the harem.

The story does end rather abruptly, but on a happy note. I would love to see a sequel, or perhaps a novella length expansion of the story, but what is here works very well. I loved it . . . even if I was, perhaps, a little too guilty of sharing the harem's jealousy over Pan. He is one very lucky boy!


She-Male Seductions: The Complete Collection by Blake Worthington

She-Male Seductions is an all-in-one collection of Blake Worthington's previously published tales of She-Male Erotica. While the stories themselves are too short to allow for any real character development, and while he tends to skimp on the cosmetic details that tend to matter to queer readers, I suspect his target audience of bi-curious men will quite enjoy this.

From eager mattress salesmen to just as eager deliverymen, and from the very public setting of a part to the equally public setting of an airport, the stories here manage to embrace all the cliches and do something a bit different with them. Personally, I loved the balance of Blake's surprise revelations, with half the stories seeing the shemale surprise her lover with what she is packing, and half allowing the lover to surprise the shemale with the revelation that he already knows . . . and approves.

These are very sex-positive, gender-positive stories with even a hint of romance slipped in. There's no guilt, no shame, and no embarrassment involved. Everybody (including the reader) has fun, gets off, and heads home happier for the experience.


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Straight To Cocks Volume 1 by Cora Adel

Collecting the first three "Turning Gay" stories, featuring super-hottie Billy Starr, Straight To Cocks Volume 1 is a such a fun read. These stories are firmly within the realm of fantasy, with straight-to-gay conversions that are just a tad too easy, but that's all part of the fantasy . . . and the fun.

The first story (Straight to Cocks) introduces us to Billy Star, professional Straight-To-Gay turn man . . . and let's be honest, if there is a dream job out there, Billy has got it! His lair is the town's hottest gay bar, and his window of opportunity is Ladies Night, when the straight boys come to take advantage of the drunk, easy women. Billy's prey this night is a buff bodybuilder by the name of Jim who, after a few too many drinks and shots, finds himself open to being turned. The dancefloor seduction is one of the hottest scenes I have ever read, especially once Bill pushes Jim to his knees and puts him to work, and their encounter inside a locked bathroom stall is glorious to behold.

The second story (Straight to Cocks 2) picks up the same story a few weeks later. Jim simply can't get Billy out of his mind, but the professional turn man isn't interested in a relationship - once he has turned a boy, he turns his back, interested only in the next conquest. Fortunately, Jim has a good friend and workout partner in Steve, the same guy who dragged him to the gay bar in the first place - and Billy can't resist the temptation to turn the pair of them! Here it is a steamy sauna scene that provides the climax, with Steve being taken by Billy from behind while Jim happily provides some oral stimulation. I absolutely adored the way in which Jim so quickly took to the taste of cock, and his addiction to cum is definitely something to which I can relate.

The final story (Billy Takes a Virgin) changes things up a bit, abandoning Jim and Steve for a new conquest. John is a nice-guy virgin who has just been dumped by yet another girlfriend because (ironically) he won't put out. Mind you, John is no sad, pasty little wimp - he's another buff, well-built man who has no trouble attracting the ladies . . . he just can't keep them. Enter Billy Star, a few drinks, and a frantic surrendering of John's virginity in the back of Billy's mustang. While not quite as hot as the first two stories, it's a bit more realistic, and John is probably a bit more identifiable for straight (or at least bi-curious readers).

I loved this collection. The writing was decent, the dialogue was strong, and the sex scenes were glorious. The tease-temptation-turn is played out very well, with enough variation in attitudes and responses to Billy's efforts to keep the stories fresh. Personally, I cannot wait to see who Billy turns next!


Friday, 4 May 2012

Making Mitzi by Andi Brightswan

OMG, this was such an amazing read - my only complaint is that it wasn't longer. I so loved what Princess Cassandra does with lovely Mitzi, especially with the escalation in his training at the end . . . but I so want to know more!

Making Mitzi is the story of a rich young woman with a fetish for bringing the strongest, the most powerful, and the most masculine of men to their knees. She is a Mistress of blackmail and psychological manipulation, able to transform her men into prancing little sissies. Mitchell is a high-rolling Executive, entirely too smug and confident in his superiority to everyone around him, but who becomes instantly smitten with the young woman he meets on the street.

All it takes is a little blackmail to ensure his initial obedience, and then Mitzi's training begins in earnest.

Andi demonstrates a true flair for feminization here, along with an honest passion for the look and feel of the most intimate of feminine garments. A good part of the early story is clothes-porn - which, as any good sissy will tell you, is the best kind of foreplay there is - but there are some very sexual elements later on that are a delight to experience. I loved the way Princess Cassandra used nothing more than a pillow and Mitzi's own imagination to train him in the art of kissing a man, and the scene where she trains him in the art of double-penetration, forcing him to hold a dildo in his mouth using nothing more than the power of his own lips and tongue, is breathtaking.

The humiliation of being taken shopping, leashed and extravagantly feminized, is conveyed very well, and the fear of serving at a party in his honour, dressed as the sexiest of french maids, is paired beautifully with Mitzi's overwhelming desire to please his Mistress.

A short read, but a hot one, I really do hope Andi gives us more soon!


Friday, 27 April 2012

Homage To Emma: The Sex Diary of a Male Submissive by Lindsay Ross

Dear Pink Flamingo Publications . . . I'm afraid it is finally time for us to go our separate ways.

I am truly sorry, and please do not hate me for it, but I am breaking up with you. 

Too many times you have teased me and tempted me into your dungeon, seduced me into slipping on my favourite pink collar, gotten my panties wet  . . . and then splashed cold water in my face. Your books have such glorious set-ups, such breathtaking scenes of breaking, submission, and feminization that make me swoon against my restraints. I fall in love with the writing every time, but just when it starts to get really hot, you go and take a hard right turn into sadomasochism, degradation, and pain, leaving me behind, all wet, bothered, and frustrated.

Don't get me wrong, I am sure that is what most of your readers are looking for, and I am sure your authors are very good at what they do, it is just not for me.

Homage To Emma: The Sex Diary of a Male Submissive will be, I am afraid, my last selection from the Pink Flamingo shelf. It's a book that starts out with the perfect set up - a cheating husband flees the wrath of his wife, finds no solace in the arms of his mistress (small 'm'), and ends up beneath the heel of a proper Mistress (capital 'M'). I absolutely loved how quickly and easily she took control of him, ordering him around the  house, forcing him to make dinner, and putting him in an apron before ordering him to strip naked and begin his feminization. There was so much potential there, but once again it was (to my tastes) wasted.

There's a lot of domination and submission here, a lot of pain and humiliation, a lot of shame and degradation, but no eroticism. While I am sure it is precisely what regular readers have come to expect and appreciate, it just leaves me cold and frustrated. There's a scene about halfway through where the forcibly feminized Martin is given to a pair of men for the first time, spread wide and prepared to be penetrated at both ends. Just the thought of it had my panties absolutely drenched, my nipples hard as diamonds, and my own pretty little tush clenching in anticipation. Except, the scene is rushed through in about a page, with absolutely no detail of what Martin is thinking or feeling, and no sense that his Masters are enjoying it.

What could have been a scene to send me into dreamland with a pair of sticky panties became, instead, one that caused me to sigh, skip ahead 20 or so pages at a time, and confirm the story was never going to go where I wanted.

Don't get me wrong, it is a well-written book, and the lovely Ms. Ross clearly know how to dominate a man. For readers who crave the SM heavy BDSM experience, it is quite likely a very good read. Sadly, it is just not what I wanted.


Thursday, 26 April 2012

Summer and the Sissy by Monika Ikon

Summer and the Sissy
by Monika Ikon

The lovely Monika does it again, offering up another wonderful tale of forced feminization and loving submission.Although not as hot as White Collared Sissies, the storyline here is more complex and, ultimately, more rewarding with its unique twists. It's such a gradual transformation that Jamie undergoes, far more mental than physical, that his descent into femininity is entirely believable. This one is all about the little cosmetic touches involved in Jamie's sissification, the rather more significant adjustments to his behaviour, and the far more worrisome consequences for his lifestyle and his career. I especially loved the transformation of his relationship with Bob, which went exactly where I wanted it to go. I won't say more, because it's really the twists that make this story work, but as cruel as Kathy's plan is, Jamie's submission quite warmed my heart and made me, dare I say it, quite jealous.


The Cuckold Collection by Epic Sex Stories

The Cuckold Collection
by Epic Sex Stories

This was a fun collection. The Boss, the Bride, and the Cuckold was glorious in its hot-wife sluttiness and orgiastic delights, but didn't push hubby in the direction I crave. Instead of being forced to fluff and clean, he merely watches and then slips into some sloppy seconds. The World’s Biggest Cuckold, on the other hand, was exactly what  I was hungry for. I loved the progression of their relationship, the secrets that hubby discovers, and the various friends and family he's cuckolded by. Most of all, though, I loved the scenes where he describes his first time cleaning black cock, his first time being gagged by a gallon of sperm, and his first experience being penetrated at both ends.

The Cum Slut and the Cuckold wasn't quite as much fun for me, being told from the wife's perspective, but I do so love a hubby who arranges a gangbang just so he can slurp cum from his wife's holes! The Sex Master more than made up for that, though, with a submissive sissy who doesn't just get cuckolded by his wife, but dominated by her entire family. The scene where hubby sucks off his father-in-law while his mother-in-law watches . . . well, it nearly sent me over the top! Finally, we have The Nympho and the Cuckold, another hot story to be experience from the wife's perspective, but with not nearly enough humiliation or submission from hubby for my tastes.


Bedtime Story for a Stolen Child by Anna Mayle

Bedtime Story for a Stolen Child
by Anna Mayle

I liked this story, but I can't say I loved it. Yes, it was weird, dark, twisted, and dangerously erotic, but the most interesting part (for me) was glossed over and left in the past. As intriguing as it was to witness Daniel being coerced into illicit (almost incestuous) sex acts with his doppelgänger, that's not the part of the story I wanted to explore. I guess it's the submissive in me, the borderline sadist who loves force/coercion, but I really wanted to read more of Leinad's life as a captive sexual plaything for the Faerie. It's touched on in the first chapter, and we're offered just enough detail to really intrigue/excite, but then we're shuffled off into the 'real' world for a sad tale of revenge. Well done, for what it is, but I do feel a little teased.


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A stick(l)er for gender rebellion . . .

So, the powers that be (those powers being a bunch of stuffed suits from overseas) have decided that a crackdown on personal expression is the best way to address the current office morale problem.


We work in a company that has fired or laid off half its staff in the past two years, and which has not turned a profit in over three years. Employees have not even seen a cost of living increase in four years, much less a performance increase, and expenses that used to considered 'reasonable' are being denied across the board. The only things filthier than the heating ducts above are the carpets below, and the only things emptier than our pockets are the dusty cubicles that stretch into the distance.

So, with all of that to take into consideration, I can totally see how a crackdown on personal expression will magically make things better.

Step one in the stuff suits master scheme is to not just ban, but actually confiscate and destroy any 'personal' notebooks. After all, can't have all our trade secrets behind losing money walking home with employees who don't have money to lose! Instead, we were all issued one (1) plain, black, hardbound, undated, daily planner. It's a very nice, very boring planner, with one page per day, perfect for hiding in a drawer until you really need it. Just to ensure we don't suddenly break out into an orgy of non-conformity, it was made very clear to us that the outside is to remain clean of any stickers, markings, tape, or decoration of any kind.

They never said anything about the inside.

Is it childish and petty of me to fill the front cover with Monster High stickers? Probably. Is it silly and pointless of me to fill the back cover with My Little Pony stickers? Almost certainly. Does doing both make me feel a whole lot better, and make me giggle with glee at the prospect of 'accidentally' allowing the planner to fall open on my desk? Absolutely.

Worst case scenario, somebody will notice, somebody will complain, it will be confiscated and destroyed, and I'll be forced to pay for a replacement. Go ahead . . . I still have a lot of sheets of stickers left, and I always welcome the opportunity to express my creativity!

Oh, for those of you who are concerned about the fate of the very lovely Michel Tcherevkoff, I smuggled my Purses, Petals & Pumps daily planner out of the office last night. It may not be there to brighten my mornings, but at least I can still enjoy his breathtaking creations when I get home at night.


Monday, 16 April 2012

love your reviews on amazon, wow, you can write! isee you are also canuck, i live in the okanagan, share your femme male fashion desires, so where do you live, thanks for the sexy links, do you have any faves on literotica? you can find me on tumbler und

Thanks - so very nice to hear that somebody else appreciates my fetishistic reading desires! :)

Literotica and Fictionmania are two sites I frequent quite regularly. It's hard to pick favourites, but the tried-and-true authors I find I can depend on consistently include Monika Ikon (she also writes as Meeah Soo & Kimmie Holland), Sara Desmarais, Jennifer Jane Pope, Vickie Tern, Sissy Priscilla Valentine, Lesley Leeds, Tanya Allan, and Wholeman.

Ask me anything . . . go ahead, make me blush!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

What it means (for me) to be genderqueer

I have become quite fond of telling people that I am transgendered by birth, but genderqueer by circumstance. It is a statement that I feel sums up my situation quite eloquently.

In a perfect world, I would be very well acquainted with the needle’s prick of hormones and the scalpel’s plastic surgery kiss. I would not only be on a first-name basis with both my electrologist and my hairdresser, but I would have the freedom to completely indulge in their arts. I would have a membership to a women’s only fitness club, a dancersize class, and an aerobics class . . . and I would use them all regularly.

While my name would be legally altered to reflect my true identity, I am far too much of a fetishist (and one with a lust of the beauty that lies between the gender binaries) to ever fully transition my gender.

That perfect world may be somewhere in my future, or it may be lost to me forever, but I stopped worrying about it a long time ago. Instead, I have found peace in my genderqueer identity, and I can honestly say the pleasure it provides is indescribable. It is more about a feeling than a look – a discreet expression of my true self, a physical alteration of my public persona that I can see in the mirror and feel in my heart, but which is largely lost on the casual observer.

It all starts with a solid (but subtle) feminine foundation, including a feminine antiperspirant (I love Secret Powder Fresh) and a light dusting of baby powder down below. I cream myself hairless every weekend (I find Veet Sensitive burns the least in the tender areas), and then touch up any stubbly patches with a razor during the week (Shick Hydro Silk razor, paired with Skintimate Skin Therapy cream, does wonders). I do pluck my eyebrows, as much as it hurts, but only to thin them and provide a little shape – I stop shy of fashioning the kind of pencil-thin arches I so dearly love.

As for my nails, they are painted with a lovely French beige polish (always OPI - I just find it lasts longer) during the week. It’s close enough to my natural skin tone that most people never notice, but it has a gorgeous sheen to it that makes me smile every time it catches the light. Even if the colour doesn’t ‘pop’ like a pink or jump out at you like a fuck-me red, I can feel the polish ever time my fingers or toes cross, and that anchors my identity. I'll usually stick with just one coat on my fingernails, to reduce the chances of being made, but always go with two coats on the toes.

Next, of course, is lingerie. It has been nearly fifteen years since I last wore a pair of boy’s briefs, but I still luxuriate in the sensation of a nicely frilled pair of panties, and the feeling of an expensive pair of stockings caressing my legs is almost orgasmic. For those ‘casual’ days in the office, I will forego the stockings for a cute pair of ankle socks. On those days, I’ll slip on a toe-ring to help anchor myself, since I’m not so worried about snagging the material, and sometimes even match it to a pink ring if I’m feeling daring.

As for clothes, I have a creatively genderqueer (androgynous/unisex) wardrobe. Roughly half of my pants are women’s slacks, carefully selected to give me a little shape, but not to hug or tug too much in the places that would draw suspicious attention. The other half of my pants are men’s pants, all of them altered to accommodate my identity. In most cases that just means replacing the ugly brass buttons with something a bit more colourful or flashy, but I have gone so far as to have a few tailored in the hips and legs to provide a bit of flair. I always top them off with a plain women’s belt – as much as I love my pink and purple belts with the studs, it’s a plain black or (on my more daring days) a very dark violet in the office.
On those casual days I mentioned, a cute pair of capris does draw a bit of attention, but since I’ve established a long history in the office of not liking full-length pants, and since we’re only allowed to wear shorts in the summer months, they get passed off as more of an eccentricity on my part than a violation of the gender binary. I've even cheated a few times in the nice weather and worn my convertible capris, which look like full-length pants all day long (a bit tailored in the legs, perhaps), but with the cuffs that can be rolled up and tied off into capris the moment I'm ready to leave the office.

Up top, my ‘dress shirts’ are almost exclusively women’s blouses, once again carefully selected to avoid the obvious darts or suspiciously-placed seams that would give away the secret. Fortunately, the recent trend towards colourful pastels for men and women has significantly expanded my wardrobe over the past two years, and since people generally see what they expect to see, only a very small handful of coworkers have ever noticed that the buttons fasten on (to them, at least) the ‘wrong’ side.

My hair has always been an issue, which (in the grand scheme of things) actually works in my favour. People devote so much attention to the length, questioning when I’ll cut it or why I’ve let it get so long, that they fixate on it to the exclusion of everything else. I keep it trimmed to about the middle of my shoulder-blades, making it just long enough to look acceptable in an office ponytail, while providing enough wavy length to style loose and free. So long as I stay away from bright colours, I can even get away with a cute scrunchie to hold it all in place.

At the end of the day, if somebody was to look at the tags and scrutinize me up-close, they’d realise just how feminine my expression is, but casual acquaintances rarely devote that much attention to one another. I do get the occasional odd look or quizzical expression, especially if they catch me putting on flavoured Soft Lips or Chaptstick (a great substitute for the feel of lipstick)

I know you're probably thinking I must look like quite the effeminate sissy or flamboyant gay man, but you'd be surprised how much people see what they want to see. Were we to meet in line at Starbucks, you'd probably look right past me, never noticing anything unusual . . . it's what you know that makes the difference in what you allow yourself to see, and it's what I know that makes the difference in what I allow myself to feel.


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

White Collared Sissies by Monika Ikon

With a central theme that's as controversial as it is erotic, Monika Ikon's White Collared Sissies is an absolutely fascinating read. She takes the concept of black supremacy, which has already been established and explored through interracial cuckold fantasies, and approaches it not through the sexualization of the white cuckoldress, but through the sissification of the white cuckolded male.

In a world secretly controlled by The Black Alpha Society, there is a clear hierarchy that places Black Masters & Mistresses first, sexually-awakened white female sluts second, de-gendered white sissy-slaves third, and foolishly-naieve white psudeo-males last. It is a world built on the cultural understanding that this hierarchy is entirely natural, with the focus of Monika's stories more on self-discovery and humbled acceptance than on forced feminization and sexual enslavement. Were this not such an exquisite work of erotic fantasy, the concept would be blatantly offensive but, in the context of the novel, it's not just acceptable . . . it's actually quite attractive.

The book begins with an Introduction that explains the philosophy of the Society. It's actually a remarkably well-written argument, acknowledging the protests of political correctness, and continually driving the argument back to the question happiness and contentment. What follows from there are four stories, each focused on a different couple who have come to have their lives changed by the Society in very different ways.

The first story, that of Wendy & Mina (Michael), does a nice job of easing the reader into the subject. It's a very intimate, almost romantic story of a white slut and her sissy-slave serving their black Masters alongside one another. The second story, that of Nichelle & Gina (Greg), is a far more complex exploration of life under the Society, complete with the far-reaching implications for a sissy-slave's family. Here, it's not just a white sissy-slave who falls under the spell of his black Mistress and her son, but his daughter who gleefully follows his lead in becoming a breeder for her black Masters.

The story of Claire & Ami (Andy) seems to takes a step back from that level of complexity to explore the breaking and submission of a sissy-slave. However, it takes us far beyond that initial transfer of power and identity, introducing us to a life of castration, hormone therapy, and enslavement to a black Mistress and her lesbian lover.The final story, that of Liz and Bonnie (Brad), changes the game on us one again, giving us our first look at the forced sissification & bimboization services of the Black Alpha Society Sissy Training Academy. While the least erotic of the four stories, this is definitely the most powerful, using the sissy's own diary entries to illustrate the evolution of an angry pseudo-male into a happy sissy-slave bimbo.

Each story has something unique to offer. The first story contains an absolutely breath-taking scene in which Wendy fits Mina and herself with matching O-rings before they sink to their knees to orally gratify their black Masters. The second has a glorious scene of public humiliation, with Nichelle inviting the family to watch as their father strips down to panties, shaved body, and painted toenails for an over-the-knee spanking.

With the other two, it's not so much a single scene that makes the story, but the overall tone. In Ami's case, it's the sissy's emotional state - terrified, nervous, naturally subservient, and guided by the mantra of 'be pleasing' - that makes the story so enticing. In Bonnie's case, it's the form of the story itself, the evolution of diary entries that start out with a terse and angry recitation of facts, slowly grow in detail and emotional content, and ultimately end in the equivalent of text messages from a hyperactive teenage girl with her first cellphone.

The brief Afterword does a nice job of wrapping everything up, tying the stories back to the central theme, and suggesting just how widespread the reach of the Black Alpha Society is. Easily one of the most erotic collections I have read in a long time, I'm delighted to say Monika successfully manages to maintain the theme and the tone of the collection throughout, never losing sight of the mental, emotional, and physical implications of her story. Like I said, it's a theme of racial superiority that should be blatantly offensive, but it's packaged and presented to wonderfully, you really do come away from the collection happy for the sissies already under the Society's care . . . and at least a bit curious as to how you might come to the Society's attention yourself.


Monday, 26 March 2012

this is all very very new to me .. but i have one question that really concerns me .. is it normal to have un assisted orgams during sex or even afterwards?

I guess it depends on what you mean by unassisted. :)

If you're talking about achieving orgasm through something other than manual stimulation of your cock/clitty, then absolutely . . . but only if you're one of us lucky gurls who are comfortable enough in our gender and our sexuality to let ourselves go. If you're at all self-conscious or afraid of those feelings, it can be difficult to free your mind of the expectation that only 1 kind of manual stimulation can result in orgasm.

Personally (and it's different for each gurl) I have come to prefer those unassisted orgasms. Having my nipples sucked on and played with gives me the sweetest, softest, most subtle feelings of orgasm . . . I love those ones simply because they feel (to me, at least) so feminine.

It's when I'm being penetrated, though, that I achieve the most mind-blowing, earth-shattering unassisted orgasms. There's this slow build of pleasure inside you that carries you so far beyond the point where manual masturbation would result in orgasm, driving you to heights of pleasure so intense it's scary. I love how those orgasms seem to wash over me in waves (I can have several unassisted orgasms with the right lover), and how you never get that abrupt end to the pleasure that masturbation provides. You come away wholly satisfied and fulfilled, but still pleasantly aroused, and with an orgasmic buzz that can linger for hours.

Ask me anything . . . go ahead, make me blush!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Cuckold Erotica by Audrey Bocklin

Oh my goodness . . . what a collection! In hindsight, probably not a good choice for an afternoon read in the park (when the fantasy is this hot, a gurl just has to adjust herself from time to time!), but where else can you dangle the desperate hope that some hot wife or well-hung bull will ask what you're reading? :)

Audrey Bocklin's Cuckold Erotica is a whopping 160,000 word collection, so you know you're getting some erotic value for your buck. It contains the entirety of her erotic novel,  Losing Sarah, her  erotic novella, Sundays with Cokie, and four other stories. One word of advice, though - pay attention to Audrey's foreword and make sure you read the Losing Sarah stories in the correct order. She slips her other stories in between Sarah's chapters, which is a nice touch if you are expecting it, but can be confusing.

Losing Sarah is a very dark, very intense story of a professor (Greg) and his wife (Sarah) who start out with a harmless game, a one-time-only experiment with cuckolding, only to have Sara become addicted to the sexual rush of humiliating her husband. I loved the way in which Anna and Martin exploited their power over the curious couple, forcing them to interview and be tested for the chance to be owned. This is one of the strongest cuckolding tales I have ever read, one that demonstrates a depth of emotional understanding and personal conflict that you do not normally encounter in erotica. Sarah's descent into an emotional breakdown, conflicted by her need to be owned and her need to be loved, is frightening, as is Greg's jealousy and self-disgust at allowing himself to be a willing participant.

Once Sarah comes to accept her place, and begins to seduce Greg into accepting his place (which is at Anna's feet), the story really comes alive. Their breaking is neither quick nor easy, and there's still a great deal of emotional torment in store for each, but it all makes their eventual acceptance of their roles so much more significant. It's definitely fantasy, but Audrey doesn't shy away from exploring the real-life consequences of that fantasy, and doesn't offer any tidy perfect ending . . . just like real life.

By contrast, Sundays with Cokie is just a fun story, lighthearted, flirtatious, and very sexy. It provides a welcome contrast to the darkness of Losing Sarah, and is very well-placed in the collecting, coming between the final two chapters there. The other stories cover a wide range of cuckolding fantasies, some dark and some light, but all of them incredibly sexy. The two Julie stories are probably my favourites, a little cruel but also amusing, exploring the rather unusual life of a stripper-turned-submissive and her life with her Mistress and her Mistress' cuckolded husband. I loved Megan's Date too, especially the ways in which Megan humbles and humiliates Casey from across the room.

All-in-all, this is an extremely powerful, wonderfully well-written collection that absolutely belongs on the shelf of any cuckold . . . whether you are living the life or just fantasising about it. My only complaint (and it's a minor one at that) is the very small amount of male/male sex. Personally, I don't think there's anything more erotic and humiliating than forcing a subby-hubby to fluff his Master or clean up wife after she's been filled with their Master's seed, but that's just me.


Pink Panty Stories by Wendy

The 8 stories contained within Wendy's Pink Panty Stories are very simple, sweet, and sexy, each of them focusing on the forced sissification of a young man into an adult baby. Not necessarily a huge fetish of mine (I'll take heels & corsets over diapers & ruffles any day of the week), but I picked up the collection based on a recommendation from a friend over at Goodreads and I'm glad I gave it a read.

Each story deals with the forced feminization of a young man, either through coercion/blackmail or with the assistance of drugs, by a wide variety of women. The dommes here include friends, complete strangers, step-sisters, and step-mothers. The sissification scenes are very well done (even if they do tend to get a bit repetitive), with Wendy doing a wonderful job of describing not just the look and feel of the baby-girl clothing, but the psychological effect it has on the boys-turned-sissies.

Quite a few of the stories end with the sissies being forcefully pegged by their creators, but there were two scenes in particular that stood out for me. The first involved a double-ended dildo, and the second required the new baby to entertain an entire room full of women sporting a colourful array of strap-on dildos. Personally, I would have loved to see just one 'real' man step into the scene, maybe a step-father or a friend who has no idea what's been done to the sissy, and take advantage . . . but I understand that's not the fetish here.

While I would have loved to see the stories further developed, allowing Wendy to explore the long-term consequences following the initial humiliation, the stories do work very well to explore her central fetish. The sissification is as thorough as it is effective, the humiliation is deep, and the submission is (I must admit) glorious to behold.