Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cum - It's Not Just for Eating Anymore!

One of the first lessons a genderqueer submissive needs to learn is that her Master's cum is a treat, a treasure, a thing to be cherished. You can be gifted with it, blessed with it, nourished by it, or simply used to dispose of it. Best of all, though, is being forced to wear it . . . to show your submissive nature to the world.

Once again, I have been thinking and surfing, and came across Jizzed Clothes. OMG, I am not sure whether I am more happy or jealous, but check out some of these shots:

My absolute fave, though, has to be the girl using her boyfriend's used condom to actually ADD to her liquid decoration:

You know, maybe wearing his cum isn't the best thing in the world - having people notice it, and then proudly scooping (or scraping) a bit into your mouth may be even better!.


1 comment:

  1. Ohhh my!! That's so exciting!! I got hard as soon as I looked at the post.. one of my favorite things to do is being used to dispose cum, wearing it all day long, showing everyone my man had fun at home today.. I like my man to come inside my shoes and panties, on my top, on my bra, on my hair.. like the wet feeling so much...
    after all I'm a sex doll, I like to please my man and be used as he wishes..
    Really like your blog, come and check out mine!!
    Hope to hear from you,
    xxx Rosemary