Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year's Resolutions

We all make 'em, and (eventually) we all break 'em. So, this year I have decided to forego the usual New Year's resolutions about diet and exercise and focus instead on what I need to do to be successful in 2012.

After all, if the world is really going to end, I want to go out on top. Actually, strike that, as a submissive I never want to to anything on top! Instead, let's just say I want to go out happier and hornier than I was in 2011. :)

So, here goes:

  1. I will not permit myself to masturbate unless I have written at least 250 words per day, whether that be a story, a novel, or just on my blog.
  2. I will keep my toenails manicured and brightly painted 365 days per year (that one caused some issues at the gym last year, but since the gym is out for 2012, hot pink and fuck-me red are in).
  3. I will invest in a better collection of anal vibrators and dildos with suction cups or other attachments to better simulate being at their mercy (my current partner has great fingers, but no interest in my trio of strap-ons).
  4. I will try every recipe in Natural Harvest (including the foods I don't think I'll like) with at least 3 different ingredient donors. No real reason why, I just had a ton of fun with the first feast through.
  5. I will invest in either laser hair removal or laser eye surgery - one way or another, a part of me is being blasted.

How about you? What are your resolutions?


  1. I luv painting my toe nails also, I usually go black but I should try a fuck-me red this year;)

  2. For me, always be depilated. but my first resolution is "know the hands free orgasm.... an orgasm by anal", I need to knwow that and this is why I've already done your resolution number 2. And of course an another resolution, know for the first time a real man in my bed