Friday, 6 January 2012

Some recent reads and reviews . . .

The Cuckold Husband by Sophia Kimberly

Not a bad read, just not quite what I was looking for. A little too much heterosexual foreplay for my tastes, and not enough ooey gooey bisexual bliss. It takes quite a while to set up the cuckolding session, and it's primarily focused around hubby watching his wife being taken by another man. Call me a dirty gurl if you will, but I like it when hubby is forced to participate . . . to prep and fluff the other man, to clean up afterwards, and even to serve as a back-up bottom when his wife gets too tired or sore to go another round.

Well written and sexy, just not what I was hoping for.

The Photo Shoot by Sara Desmarais

The lovely Sara does it again, with another incredibly erotic tale of crossdressing. I love that her bois are always (to some extent) willing subjects, aroused by the idea of expressing their hidden femininity, and curious about how far they can push it. Here, everything starts with a simple request for hubby to take part in a boudoir photo shoot, providing his wife with a compliment for her own shoot. As nervous about how she'll react as about how he'll look, he reluctantly agrees.

Things start out slow, with a fairly routine photo shoot that proceeds from casual to softcore sexy. The wife is a bit of an enigma here, pushing things forward, but also appearing reluctant or uncertain herself. This leaves poor hubby to take responsibility for his own participation, and to acknowledge the fact that he not only wants to keep going, but is enjoying it. By the time the hunky lighting assistant steps into the scene, and the photographer asks if he'd stand next to hubby to demonstrate the contrast between them, you kind of know where the story is going. Despite that, it's still a surprise when everybody agrees it would make for a hot photo to see his naked penis pressed against hubby's naked butt cheeks . . . and you know it can't stop there.

Hot, sexy, and incredibly detailed, this is a fantasy cum true.


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