Thursday, 22 March 2012

Pink Panty Stories by Wendy

The 8 stories contained within Wendy's Pink Panty Stories are very simple, sweet, and sexy, each of them focusing on the forced sissification of a young man into an adult baby. Not necessarily a huge fetish of mine (I'll take heels & corsets over diapers & ruffles any day of the week), but I picked up the collection based on a recommendation from a friend over at Goodreads and I'm glad I gave it a read.

Each story deals with the forced feminization of a young man, either through coercion/blackmail or with the assistance of drugs, by a wide variety of women. The dommes here include friends, complete strangers, step-sisters, and step-mothers. The sissification scenes are very well done (even if they do tend to get a bit repetitive), with Wendy doing a wonderful job of describing not just the look and feel of the baby-girl clothing, but the psychological effect it has on the boys-turned-sissies.

Quite a few of the stories end with the sissies being forcefully pegged by their creators, but there were two scenes in particular that stood out for me. The first involved a double-ended dildo, and the second required the new baby to entertain an entire room full of women sporting a colourful array of strap-on dildos. Personally, I would have loved to see just one 'real' man step into the scene, maybe a step-father or a friend who has no idea what's been done to the sissy, and take advantage . . . but I understand that's not the fetish here.

While I would have loved to see the stories further developed, allowing Wendy to explore the long-term consequences following the initial humiliation, the stories do work very well to explore her central fetish. The sissification is as thorough as it is effective, the humiliation is deep, and the submission is (I must admit) glorious to behold.


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