Tuesday, 27 March 2012

White Collared Sissies by Monika Ikon

With a central theme that's as controversial as it is erotic, Monika Ikon's White Collared Sissies is an absolutely fascinating read. She takes the concept of black supremacy, which has already been established and explored through interracial cuckold fantasies, and approaches it not through the sexualization of the white cuckoldress, but through the sissification of the white cuckolded male.

In a world secretly controlled by The Black Alpha Society, there is a clear hierarchy that places Black Masters & Mistresses first, sexually-awakened white female sluts second, de-gendered white sissy-slaves third, and foolishly-naieve white psudeo-males last. It is a world built on the cultural understanding that this hierarchy is entirely natural, with the focus of Monika's stories more on self-discovery and humbled acceptance than on forced feminization and sexual enslavement. Were this not such an exquisite work of erotic fantasy, the concept would be blatantly offensive but, in the context of the novel, it's not just acceptable . . . it's actually quite attractive.

The book begins with an Introduction that explains the philosophy of the Society. It's actually a remarkably well-written argument, acknowledging the protests of political correctness, and continually driving the argument back to the question happiness and contentment. What follows from there are four stories, each focused on a different couple who have come to have their lives changed by the Society in very different ways.

The first story, that of Wendy & Mina (Michael), does a nice job of easing the reader into the subject. It's a very intimate, almost romantic story of a white slut and her sissy-slave serving their black Masters alongside one another. The second story, that of Nichelle & Gina (Greg), is a far more complex exploration of life under the Society, complete with the far-reaching implications for a sissy-slave's family. Here, it's not just a white sissy-slave who falls under the spell of his black Mistress and her son, but his daughter who gleefully follows his lead in becoming a breeder for her black Masters.

The story of Claire & Ami (Andy) seems to takes a step back from that level of complexity to explore the breaking and submission of a sissy-slave. However, it takes us far beyond that initial transfer of power and identity, introducing us to a life of castration, hormone therapy, and enslavement to a black Mistress and her lesbian lover.The final story, that of Liz and Bonnie (Brad), changes the game on us one again, giving us our first look at the forced sissification & bimboization services of the Black Alpha Society Sissy Training Academy. While the least erotic of the four stories, this is definitely the most powerful, using the sissy's own diary entries to illustrate the evolution of an angry pseudo-male into a happy sissy-slave bimbo.

Each story has something unique to offer. The first story contains an absolutely breath-taking scene in which Wendy fits Mina and herself with matching O-rings before they sink to their knees to orally gratify their black Masters. The second has a glorious scene of public humiliation, with Nichelle inviting the family to watch as their father strips down to panties, shaved body, and painted toenails for an over-the-knee spanking.

With the other two, it's not so much a single scene that makes the story, but the overall tone. In Ami's case, it's the sissy's emotional state - terrified, nervous, naturally subservient, and guided by the mantra of 'be pleasing' - that makes the story so enticing. In Bonnie's case, it's the form of the story itself, the evolution of diary entries that start out with a terse and angry recitation of facts, slowly grow in detail and emotional content, and ultimately end in the equivalent of text messages from a hyperactive teenage girl with her first cellphone.

The brief Afterword does a nice job of wrapping everything up, tying the stories back to the central theme, and suggesting just how widespread the reach of the Black Alpha Society is. Easily one of the most erotic collections I have read in a long time, I'm delighted to say Monika successfully manages to maintain the theme and the tone of the collection throughout, never losing sight of the mental, emotional, and physical implications of her story. Like I said, it's a theme of racial superiority that should be blatantly offensive, but it's packaged and presented to wonderfully, you really do come away from the collection happy for the sissies already under the Society's care . . . and at least a bit curious as to how you might come to the Society's attention yourself.


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