Thursday, 10 May 2012

Straight To Cocks Volume 1 by Cora Adel

Collecting the first three "Turning Gay" stories, featuring super-hottie Billy Starr, Straight To Cocks Volume 1 is a such a fun read. These stories are firmly within the realm of fantasy, with straight-to-gay conversions that are just a tad too easy, but that's all part of the fantasy . . . and the fun.

The first story (Straight to Cocks) introduces us to Billy Star, professional Straight-To-Gay turn man . . . and let's be honest, if there is a dream job out there, Billy has got it! His lair is the town's hottest gay bar, and his window of opportunity is Ladies Night, when the straight boys come to take advantage of the drunk, easy women. Billy's prey this night is a buff bodybuilder by the name of Jim who, after a few too many drinks and shots, finds himself open to being turned. The dancefloor seduction is one of the hottest scenes I have ever read, especially once Bill pushes Jim to his knees and puts him to work, and their encounter inside a locked bathroom stall is glorious to behold.

The second story (Straight to Cocks 2) picks up the same story a few weeks later. Jim simply can't get Billy out of his mind, but the professional turn man isn't interested in a relationship - once he has turned a boy, he turns his back, interested only in the next conquest. Fortunately, Jim has a good friend and workout partner in Steve, the same guy who dragged him to the gay bar in the first place - and Billy can't resist the temptation to turn the pair of them! Here it is a steamy sauna scene that provides the climax, with Steve being taken by Billy from behind while Jim happily provides some oral stimulation. I absolutely adored the way in which Jim so quickly took to the taste of cock, and his addiction to cum is definitely something to which I can relate.

The final story (Billy Takes a Virgin) changes things up a bit, abandoning Jim and Steve for a new conquest. John is a nice-guy virgin who has just been dumped by yet another girlfriend because (ironically) he won't put out. Mind you, John is no sad, pasty little wimp - he's another buff, well-built man who has no trouble attracting the ladies . . . he just can't keep them. Enter Billy Star, a few drinks, and a frantic surrendering of John's virginity in the back of Billy's mustang. While not quite as hot as the first two stories, it's a bit more realistic, and John is probably a bit more identifiable for straight (or at least bi-curious readers).

I loved this collection. The writing was decent, the dialogue was strong, and the sex scenes were glorious. The tease-temptation-turn is played out very well, with enough variation in attitudes and responses to Billy's efforts to keep the stories fresh. Personally, I cannot wait to see who Billy turns next!


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