Monday, 14 May 2012

She-Male Seductions: The Complete Collection by Blake Worthington

She-Male Seductions is an all-in-one collection of Blake Worthington's previously published tales of She-Male Erotica. While the stories themselves are too short to allow for any real character development, and while he tends to skimp on the cosmetic details that tend to matter to queer readers, I suspect his target audience of bi-curious men will quite enjoy this.

From eager mattress salesmen to just as eager deliverymen, and from the very public setting of a part to the equally public setting of an airport, the stories here manage to embrace all the cliches and do something a bit different with them. Personally, I loved the balance of Blake's surprise revelations, with half the stories seeing the shemale surprise her lover with what she is packing, and half allowing the lover to surprise the shemale with the revelation that he already knows . . . and approves.

These are very sex-positive, gender-positive stories with even a hint of romance slipped in. There's no guilt, no shame, and no embarrassment involved. Everybody (including the reader) has fun, gets off, and heads home happier for the experience.


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