Friday, 4 May 2012

Making Mitzi by Andi Brightswan

OMG, this was such an amazing read - my only complaint is that it wasn't longer. I so loved what Princess Cassandra does with lovely Mitzi, especially with the escalation in his training at the end . . . but I so want to know more!

Making Mitzi is the story of a rich young woman with a fetish for bringing the strongest, the most powerful, and the most masculine of men to their knees. She is a Mistress of blackmail and psychological manipulation, able to transform her men into prancing little sissies. Mitchell is a high-rolling Executive, entirely too smug and confident in his superiority to everyone around him, but who becomes instantly smitten with the young woman he meets on the street.

All it takes is a little blackmail to ensure his initial obedience, and then Mitzi's training begins in earnest.

Andi demonstrates a true flair for feminization here, along with an honest passion for the look and feel of the most intimate of feminine garments. A good part of the early story is clothes-porn - which, as any good sissy will tell you, is the best kind of foreplay there is - but there are some very sexual elements later on that are a delight to experience. I loved the way Princess Cassandra used nothing more than a pillow and Mitzi's own imagination to train him in the art of kissing a man, and the scene where she trains him in the art of double-penetration, forcing him to hold a dildo in his mouth using nothing more than the power of his own lips and tongue, is breathtaking.

The humiliation of being taken shopping, leashed and extravagantly feminized, is conveyed very well, and the fear of serving at a party in his honour, dressed as the sexiest of french maids, is paired beautifully with Mitzi's overwhelming desire to please his Mistress.

A short read, but a hot one, I really do hope Andi gives us more soon!


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