Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Procrastination, Alliteration, and Distraction

Procrastination, Alliteration, and Distraction . . . my three deadliest sins.

At the moment I have four projects on the go, at least one of which I really want done and published prior to the winter holidays. It'd be so much easier if I could just stick with one project, but I keep jumping around as inspiration strikes.

The first is a novella-length BDSM tale, tentatively titled Faithfully Feminized Prayers of Perversion. It's the story of two teenage cross-dressers who, after 15 years apart, are accidentally reunited. One is coming off of a bitter divorce, having spent those years struggling with the closet, while the other left the closet behind long ago, having become a very successful transsexual model/actress and escort. She agrees to take him under her wing, to complete the transformation he once lacked the courage to embrace, but only if he is willing to surrender to her completely . . . and to help her take revenge on the crooked, deviant, high-profile televangelist who is buried at the heart of each of their darkest moments.

On the one hand, you'd think that would be an easy title to knock off, since it's an update of a novella I published a very long time ago under a mail-order fetish imprint. On the other hand, I see so much potential beneath the surface, so many opportunities to turn a 'good' story into a 'great' one, that I can't resit thoroughly reworking it. The new version is coming along very well, and is substantially different in content, yet still retains the tone and personality of the original. There's more back-story for all of the characters involved, more page-time for the secondary characters who unknowingly drive the primary transformation, and a stronger exploration of the two primary themes.

The second is a novella-length piece of cum-fetish erotica featuring a genderqueer protagonist. Tentatively titled Black-Bred Momma's Boi, it intentionally plays to the expected cliches - or so it appears. The real fun of it is in queering those cliches (and the reader's expectations). This is not the typical story of a woman who becomes a whore for black cock, but about her virginal genderqueer son, who chooses to follow in Momma's footsteps. I had published rough drafts of the first two instalments online, and the response was so overwhelmingly positive that I decided to flesh out all five instalments, add more narrative around the erotica, and pull it all together into a cohesive story, complete with a new motivation for the main character that hadn't originally occurred to me. What was originally just an excuse to get covered in cum has become a surprisingly sweet (and incredibly sexy) coming-of-age story that celebrates a mother's wholehearted acceptance of her child's gender and sexuality.

Next is a new short-story, tentatively titled Genderqueer Gokkun. As you might expect from the title, it's about a genderqueer character who, on a whim, chooses to attend the casting call for a new bukkake/gokkun movie being filmed in an abandoned strip-club. To say any more would be to ruin the story, but I'm having a lot of fun with both the atmosphere of the place, the contrast of the bright lights and broken down stage, and the erotic exploration of a fully-clothed, exquisitely feminized, soon-to-be porn-star.

Last, but most certainly not least, is a novella called Cosmic Candy Coating. While this is the project that's furthest from completion, it's also the one that I'm most excited about at the moment. It's an erotic sci-fi tale of alien abduction, featuring a straight male protagonist (shocking, I know) and the hermaphroditic captors who want to breed him (you knew the gender element was coming somewhere). The aliens are deliciously peculiar, as is their hidden role in human history. I'm cautious of saying too much more at this point, as there's a lot of development to go, but I am really having fun with the candy.

Since setting my own goals and deadlines doesn't seem to have much of an impact, I'm hoping a public declaration will do more to keep me on track. I guess time will tell . . .


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