Sunday, 27 November 2011

Some recent reads and reviews . . .

Mommy's Little Helper by Sinder Stone
Darker than I expected, this is a story that rides a gloriously taboo wave of sexuality. The affair between Mommy and her strapping young step-son may not be biologically incestuous, but it's as close as you can get without a blood relationship. The fact he's been spying on his parents' sexual adventures for years, imagining himself in his father's place, is definitely a bit creepy . . . but also incredibly sexy.

What puts this story over the top, however, is the creative (and realistic) use of bdsm elements. No, Mommy doesn't suddenly become the perfect closeted Mistress, but she does effectively dominate her little helper (at his insistence), complete with some face-sitting, pegging, and fun with restraints. Not only is he a willing participant, but he's the instigator of the affair, and only too happy to be used the same way his father was.

As for the darker elements . . . there's a hint that Daddy may have done something horrible to his first wife, and a very strong suggestion at the end that his son may be just as ruthless. It should cast a pall over the story, but it's handled so well that it actually enhances the taboo eroticism.


The Pegging Princess Diaries: Volume One by Lusha Lovelace
A very quick, very short read . . . more a fantasy scene than a complete story. Hot and exciting, though, with some nicely detailed foreplay leading up to hubby's first pegging. It's definitely a nice twist to have such a story written from the perspective of the curious wife, especially when it begins with her embarrassment, but it does prevent us from really getting inside the reluctantly submissive hubby's head.

I'm curious to see if Ms Lovelace has any plans to continue the story, taking it beyond breakfast table fantasy and into the bedroom. I'd love to see how her fantasy plays out in reality, especially since it clearly arouses her so. I suspect hubby would be even more reluctant than in her fantasy, but I think that could be a heck of a lot of fun to explore.


Down the Basement by Ryan Field
Oh my . . . what a gloriously hot read! Rush may not consider himself to be a cross-dresser, but he definitely knows how to put together and outfit and present himself as convincingly female. The thrill of passing comes across wonderfully, emphasized by his uncertainty and fear of being exposed. There's a definite danger in allowing himself to be led down to the basement with three hunky guys, but you absolutely cannot blame him for giving in to the temptation. I know I would!

It's the revelation of Kadin's intentions, however, that push this read over the top. I so wanted to be there in Rush's place, bent backwards over a couch, with a man at either end - one of who believes he is taking oral advantage of a hot sorority girl, and the other of whom knows he's taking anal advantage of a cute boy who dare not resist. Kadin takes him hard and fast, but clearly know as much about what he's doing as he does about Rush's secret. When our first-time cross-dresser experiences his first no-touch orgasm . . . wow!

I've already bought Santa Saturday and can't wait to revisit the boys!


Prison Boy Toy by Cain Berlinger
As much as the blurb turned me on (If the worst man in the prison wants him for a toy, at least the others will leave him alone, right?), I'm afraid the brutal violence and distasteful nature of the humiliation (scat & urine) forced me to keep my distance. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore a forceful man and don't mind the suggestion of being taken against your will, but the brutality went beyond sexual coercion and into pure sadism. It's probably more realistic than most prison fantasies, but I guess I'm just not aroused by realism.

While the writing was solid, and the power exchange between the two prisoners was well-played (with a nice twist at the end), it just pushed too many of the wrong buttons for me.


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