Friday, 27 April 2012

Homage To Emma: The Sex Diary of a Male Submissive by Lindsay Ross

Dear Pink Flamingo Publications . . . I'm afraid it is finally time for us to go our separate ways.

I am truly sorry, and please do not hate me for it, but I am breaking up with you. 

Too many times you have teased me and tempted me into your dungeon, seduced me into slipping on my favourite pink collar, gotten my panties wet  . . . and then splashed cold water in my face. Your books have such glorious set-ups, such breathtaking scenes of breaking, submission, and feminization that make me swoon against my restraints. I fall in love with the writing every time, but just when it starts to get really hot, you go and take a hard right turn into sadomasochism, degradation, and pain, leaving me behind, all wet, bothered, and frustrated.

Don't get me wrong, I am sure that is what most of your readers are looking for, and I am sure your authors are very good at what they do, it is just not for me.

Homage To Emma: The Sex Diary of a Male Submissive will be, I am afraid, my last selection from the Pink Flamingo shelf. It's a book that starts out with the perfect set up - a cheating husband flees the wrath of his wife, finds no solace in the arms of his mistress (small 'm'), and ends up beneath the heel of a proper Mistress (capital 'M'). I absolutely loved how quickly and easily she took control of him, ordering him around the  house, forcing him to make dinner, and putting him in an apron before ordering him to strip naked and begin his feminization. There was so much potential there, but once again it was (to my tastes) wasted.

There's a lot of domination and submission here, a lot of pain and humiliation, a lot of shame and degradation, but no eroticism. While I am sure it is precisely what regular readers have come to expect and appreciate, it just leaves me cold and frustrated. There's a scene about halfway through where the forcibly feminized Martin is given to a pair of men for the first time, spread wide and prepared to be penetrated at both ends. Just the thought of it had my panties absolutely drenched, my nipples hard as diamonds, and my own pretty little tush clenching in anticipation. Except, the scene is rushed through in about a page, with absolutely no detail of what Martin is thinking or feeling, and no sense that his Masters are enjoying it.

What could have been a scene to send me into dreamland with a pair of sticky panties became, instead, one that caused me to sigh, skip ahead 20 or so pages at a time, and confirm the story was never going to go where I wanted.

Don't get me wrong, it is a well-written book, and the lovely Ms. Ross clearly know how to dominate a man. For readers who crave the SM heavy BDSM experience, it is quite likely a very good read. Sadly, it is just not what I wanted.


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