Monday, 16 April 2012

love your reviews on amazon, wow, you can write! isee you are also canuck, i live in the okanagan, share your femme male fashion desires, so where do you live, thanks for the sexy links, do you have any faves on literotica? you can find me on tumbler und

Thanks - so very nice to hear that somebody else appreciates my fetishistic reading desires! :)

Literotica and Fictionmania are two sites I frequent quite regularly. It's hard to pick favourites, but the tried-and-true authors I find I can depend on consistently include Monika Ikon (she also writes as Meeah Soo & Kimmie Holland), Sara Desmarais, Jennifer Jane Pope, Vickie Tern, Sissy Priscilla Valentine, Lesley Leeds, Tanya Allan, and Wholeman.

Ask me anything . . . go ahead, make me blush!

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