Thursday, 26 April 2012

Summer and the Sissy by Monika Ikon

Summer and the Sissy
by Monika Ikon

The lovely Monika does it again, offering up another wonderful tale of forced feminization and loving submission.Although not as hot as White Collared Sissies, the storyline here is more complex and, ultimately, more rewarding with its unique twists. It's such a gradual transformation that Jamie undergoes, far more mental than physical, that his descent into femininity is entirely believable. This one is all about the little cosmetic touches involved in Jamie's sissification, the rather more significant adjustments to his behaviour, and the far more worrisome consequences for his lifestyle and his career. I especially loved the transformation of his relationship with Bob, which went exactly where I wanted it to go. I won't say more, because it's really the twists that make this story work, but as cruel as Kathy's plan is, Jamie's submission quite warmed my heart and made me, dare I say it, quite jealous.


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